Real Agility Program Accompaniment track iconReal Agility Program logoAccompaniment = New Skills for Functional Managers

  • Internal managers lead the Real Agility Program
  • Sustainability to create the new culture
  • Extensive training, skill development and reading list
  • Work hand-in-hand with experienced Real Agility facilitators
  • Go beyond merely good to best-in-class excellence!


The Real Agility Accompaniment track is a system to develop experienced, high-performance Real Agility managers focused on coaching staff. Through this program, individuals in your organization will learn to guide and sustain a transformation to a high-performance organization using state of the art methods and tools. Protect yourself from reverting back to traditional low-performance methods, and ensure long-term culture change! Individuals completing this program become certified Real Agility Coaches for business, process or technology.

This program is also available as a public enrolment course through World Mindware – Certified Real Agility Coach. The public program focuses on the “People and Process” aspects of being a Real Agility Coach. The “Business” and “Technical” aspects are available currently only in the in-house program.

Download the brochure for more information:
Real Agility Program – ACCOMPANIMENT [pdf]

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